Leadership and Vision/Mission/Values
Organizational success is driven by effective leadership, a motivating vision, a clear mission, and values that are aligned with the mission.

  • Leadership. Effective leadership is critical to an organization’s resilience and its long-term success. To enhance this capacity, the Strategies Center may administer the Leadership Vital Signs (LVS). This assessment (developed by Six Seconds) measures a leader’s capacity “to produce strong results, build a thriving organization, and drive change.” The LVS answers questions such as:
    • Is your leader able to inspire motivation?
    • How strong is your leader in execution?
    • To what degree does your leader foster teamwork?
    • How skilled is your leader at generating buy-in for change?
  • Vision/Mission/Values. If needed, the Strategies Center can facilitate discussions to create or to revise your organization’s vision, mission, and values statements.