Archived Webinars
The Strategies Center at Youth for Change partners with subject matter experts to develop and present webinars that build knowledge and enhance practice related to positive father and male involvement. Our webinars are archived, and available for you to access on-demand and at your convenience. Just click on a link below:

  • Military Fathers – Father Engagement Webinar
    The webinar will highlights best practices and approaches that provide support to military fathers and their families. Participants will learn specific strategies to strengthen military and civilian fathers and families and what supports military fathers need to stay connected to their families and communities. The workshop provides participants with information about resources available for military families and why community collaboration is key to enhance services and supports.
  • Teen Fathers – Father Engagement Webinar
  • The webinar explores the multitude of factors important to consider when working with teen fathers. The presenter will share tips and practical strategies about engaging teen fathers and addressing their unique challenges. Participants will hear from a panel of teen fathers, as they share what supports they find most useful, how service provider and agencies can provide a welcoming environment, and how to partner with them to learn the skills they need to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children.