Learning and Development to Build Knowledge
Learning and Development

When implementing effective father and male involvement strategies, the first questions an organization or network may ask are:

  1. Does our staff understand the importance and value of positive father and male involvement?
  2. Does our organization understand our community’s diverse father and male populations and the considerations in serving these specific populations?
  3. Is our staff equipped with the skills and knowledge to engage fathers and males?

Organizational strategies to engage fathers and males start with in-depth learning and development opportunities. The Strategies Center offers on-site learning and development in multiple formats, including web-based distance learning, 2-3 hour workshops, half-day, full-day, and multiple-day intensive sessions. Regardless of length, learning and development sessions are customized to meet your specific program, organization or network situation and needs. Learning and development topics available now:

The Basics: Enhancing Your Organization’s Father Friendliness

Trauma-Informed Work with Fathers and Caregiving Males

Case Management: Working with Fathers to Set Personal Goals and Development Family Plans

Co-Parenting: Promoting Father Involvement through Transition

The Father Factor: Exploring Worker Bias in Father and Male Involvement

Engaging Fathers to Promote Family Economic Stability

Supporting Reentry Fathers

Working with Teen Dads

Engaging Fathers and Caregiving Males in Case Management

Engaging Fathers and Caregiving Males in Home Visiting

Engaging Fathers and Caregiving Males in Parent Leadership

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