Are you interested in measuring your organization’s current level of father or male involvement? Do you want to measure the effectiveness of your father and caregiving male involvement programs? Evaluation can be done to you, for you or with you—we prefer the latter. We start where you are to build capacity for measurement, data collection, analysis, and reporting. The Strategies Center will assist you to develop a scientifically rigorous evaluation program designed to inform program improvement and to document and take credit for the outcomes you achieve.

Conceptualizing and measuring father or male involvement depends upon the setting, the cultural-linguistic characteristics of the population, men’s residency, marital, and parenting status, and the project goals and objectives your program is designed to achieve. The experts at the Strategies Center can assist with all facets of measuring and evaluating your program(s), including:

Selecting measurement and evaluation instruments

Developing a new measure that will produce valid and reliable point-in-time indicators or assess change over time

Designing culturally responsive data collection processes optimal for the context in which you work

Support to analyze and communicate results: readable, informative, and engaging content optimized for the audience

Developing infographics

Methods and results sections for peer-reviewed journal submissions

Presentations targeted to specific audiences

Conference presentations

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