Cultural Proficiency Initiative
Do you want to extend or add depth to the extent that your organization integrates culturally proficient principles and practices in its work? Implementing its Cultural Proficiency Initiative, the Strategies Center facilitates this process by:

  • Working with leadership to ensure commitment and support for cultural competency and diversity efforts
  • Administering and sharing the results of organizational and staff cultural competence self-assessments.
  • Providing learning and development opportunities to improve knowledge, build skills, and advance the appreciation of diversity to foster more culturally proficient services
  • Analyzing community and client demographics to inform learning about how best to serve your clients in a culturally responsive manner
  • Developing an organizational cultural competency plan customized for your staff and the populations you serve
  • Providing consultation and support as your organization or network implements its cultural competency plan
  • Defining, measuring and reporting the success of your cultural proficiency efforts