Flex Membership
Flex Membership

What You Need When You Need It

We’re now giving our consumers the ability to customize their investment in learning and development, capacity building, and applied research and evaluation by purchasing high quality services with more flexibility. It’s an opportunity for organizations, agencies, networks, and coalitions to invest in long-term plans and choose what works best for them.

YOU choose the service

YOU decide the location

YOU prioritize the focus

Flex membership allows buyers to set up an account with at least $5,000 on deposit and redeem that investment for a wide range of available services. Your bank gives the freedom to select and implement the services best benefiting your staff, organization or collaborative. Membership ensures best price services and valuable perks available only to flex members.

For small organizations, networks or communities, flex membership is a way to pool small investments that benefit all organizations in the member pool. Collaborative dollars can be applied regionally—for example, using a collaborative approach, 10 agencies contributing $3,000 each to the flex membership bank can access a significant number of customized learning and development, organizational capacity building, research, evaluation or technical assistance hours over the course of a year.

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