Network, Coalition, and Collaborative Development and Preparation for Collaboration
Alliances, coalitions, public-private partnerships, collective impact initiatives, interagency collaboratives, networks… Whether required by funders or voluntarily created to better improve community outcomes, nonprofits and public agencies must work together all the time.

  • Are individuals within your organization prepared to collaborate? Do they understand what it means, and what they bring to the collective table?
  • Are you participating in meaningful partnership efforts? Do they help advance your organization’s mission? Do they support results you cannot achieve on your own?
  • Does your network have in place the foundational elements for success? Is there a shared purpose, effective communication, strong relationships based on trust, a clear decision-making process, and just-enough structure to quickly respond to relevant issues?
  • Is your collaborative achieving its intended results? Are you measuring and sharing them?

The Strategies Center can work with you to establish a new coalition or strengthen your existing network. We can:

  • Administer assessments
  • Provide training on the elements of effective, sustainable collaboration
  • Guide you through formal consensus decision-making
  • Help you to develop structure, including membership and agreements
  • Facilitate strategic action planning
  • Evaluate your coalition’s work
  • Serve as the backbone organization to get your collective impact initiative started