Perinatal Wellness Efforts

Between 15% and 20% of women experience a significant perinatal mood or anxiety disorder, and the risk of these symptoms is higher among women in poverty and teen parents. (See

The Strategies Center supports learning and development and coalition building among organizations supporting women, children, and families by addressing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs).

  • Postpartum Depression and Beyond: The Perinatal Basics. This one-day face-to-face learning and development experience provides an introduction to the topic. Practitioners who attend will understand the spectrum of PMADs, how fathers can be impacted, the relationship of PMADs to effective parenting, know how to talk about it with caregivers, and practice the art of communicating sensitively and effectively with parents.
  • Building Bridges: Community Action Planning. The Strategies Center facilitates community planning processes to address perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Increasing awareness, identifying partners, building screening, referral and treatment coalitions? We’ve been there. Ready for implementation? We offer support at every stage from community assessment to implementation coaching to evaluation that informs program improvement and documents outcomes. Call us to learn how we can help you build and use resources efficiently.
  • Conference Planning and Support. Interested in sponsoring a convening or conference on the topic of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders? The Strategies Center provides support with content and presenter planning and selection, graphic design and advertising, logistics, and registration. Check our Event Management Center page for details.