Emotional Intelligence Skill Building

Emotional Intelligence – Your capacity to be aware of, manage, and express emotions in a way that benefits your relationships with others.

Social and emotional intelligence skills are vital to success in life and in the workplace. These skills allow us to work in teams, make better decisions, communicate effectively, pursue goals even with distractions and setbacks, and have empathy for others’ thoughts, feelings, and concerns.

“Emotional intelligence is consciously choosing thoughts, feelings, and actions to create optimal results in your relationships with yourself and others.” [Six Seconds]

The Strategies Center’s Six Seconds-certified EQ Assessor to work with you individually or with your team to administer and debrief social-emotional intelligence (SEI) assessments including:

  • SEI Self-Assessment–measures eight specific EQ competencies and four related performance outcomes
  • SEI 360–multi-rater assessment providing others’ perspectives of your EQ competencies
  • Brain profiles that show how emotion and cognition work together, identify your talents from among 18 key capabilities, and provide insight into strengths and challenges

Contact us to learn more about EQ assessments, identifying EQ strengths and areas for improvement, and learning ways to further develop social and emotional intelligence skills.