Assess like your program and organization depend on it.

Asking, “How are we doing?” at the programmatic or organizational level calls for a systematic process to collect information about current performance and the factors that affect it. Organizational and program assessments establish baselines from which change can be measured.

The Strategies Center works with customers who want to use evidence-based or research-informed assessments to:

  • Identify specific needs that can be met by shifts in practice
  • Demonstrate organizational competence to funders or other stakeholders
  • Identify the need for internal and external resources that can be used effectively for performance improvement

The Strategies Center analyzes, interprets and prioritizes assessment results, offering technical expertise, objectivity, and the interactive skills to facilitate and implement practice change.

Program and Organizational assessments currently available:

Adherence to the principles of trauma-informed care and environment

Cultural proficiency

Integrating protective and promotive factors

Readiness for evaluation

Father and male caregiver involvement

Internal operations and management

Service delivery and impact

Governance and leadership

Network and collaborative capacity

Organizational resilience

Vital Signs

Impact Capacity Assessment Tool (iCAT)