Kathleen Shenk, B.S.

Title: Director

Kathleen currently advises, oversees, and guides Strategies Center learning and development, capacity building, and coaching. Her career has followed a lifelong passion for promoting and supporting the health and well-being of children and families, while advancing the practice of interagency cooperation and collaboration. She is a high-performing leader in nonprofit management, and a curriculum and instructional design, learning, and program development and implementation expert. She has applied her skills across numerous topics in a diverse assortment of geographic, socio-economic and cultural settings. Kathleen’s expertise includes child abuse and neglect prevention, and the application of evidence-based approaches to address a range of social problems. As an executive director for more than 24 years, her nonprofit organization was a two-time recipient of the Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for Professional Excellence and she received a Pennsylvania Senate commendation for coaching excellence.

Integrating her broad experience with extensive knowledge accumulated over years of avidly reading and remaining abreast of research, Kathleen partners with clients to apply theory and evidence-based practices in diverse, real-word settings. Her unique ability to clarify and disentangle the conceptual and practice issues in complex initiatives and interventions is highly valued by practitioners from line staff to managers, and by agency and organizational leadership.