Gregory Robinson, Ph.D.

Title: Director of Applied Research and Evaluation

Greg cares deeply about the use of information to improve practice, programs and policies. As the director of a university-based research center, Senior Research Associate with Children and Family Futures, an independent research consultant and as the Director of Applied Research and Evaluation at the Strategies Center, he has developed and successfully completed over 135 research and evaluation projects for nonprofit organizations, foundations, and for municipal, county, state and federal agencies.

Greg completed a Ph.D. and Master’s degree in social ecology, during which he learned the value of multidisciplinary approaches to social problems, and to work well with colleagues operating from different paradigms to focus on a single issue. He has moderated over 200 focused group discussions, is an expert methodologist and an advanced quantitative and qualitative data analyst, able to formulate and present research results in an engaging manner to diverse audiences ranging from public sector and nonprofit executive leadership to neighborhood groups.

His broad applied experience has honed creativity and flexibility. He understands the complexity of systems change, and the value of data to inform initiative development and to make mid-program corrections as well as to document outcomes. He consults to agencies and organizations across the spectrum of technical sophistication and understands well the importance of specifying methods and data collection strategies that do not overwhelm or antagonize community partners.

Greg’s intellectual curiosity propels him to constantly participate in professional development opportunities in all aspects of research and evaluation. His success, however, stems from his disposition to listen, to engage his clients starting from wherever they are, and to craft pragmatic, scientifically sound evaluation strategies and applied research programs at reasonable costs that inform and add value to the work of funders, practitioners and decision makers.