Neuroscience Series
Neuroscience Series

Toward Brain-Based Social Work Practice

Neuroscience research is expanding and refining knowledge related to our understanding of brain development, health across the lifespan, emotions, thinking, and human behavior. Understanding the neuroscience aspects of human development, motivation, and behavior has important implications for those in the human and social services sectors. Neuroscience knowledge can inform client services, increase effective family interactions, and advise client systems. The Strategies Center’s Neuroscience Series helps family service and social workers to understand and apply neuroscience-backed strategies that support improved child and family outcomes. Topics available now:

The Art and Science of Goal Setting

Too Many Choices Paralysis and the Art of Choosing

Decision-Making and Decisional Balance

Human Motivation and your Families

The Ambivalent Brain

Executive Function through the Lens of Poverty

The Neuroscience of Poverty I

The Neuroscience of Poverty II

Building a Growth Mindset

Creating a Chain Reaction of Good Habits