Learning and Development

Make effective learning and development the center of your organization. 99.8% of this year’s participants would recommend the Strategies Center’s learning and development sessions to others.

For talented professionals, ensuring you are developing your own skill set and staying on top of current research, application, and trends is important. The aim of learning and development is to help employees work smarter, integrate high quality skills, and serve their organizations better. The Strategies Center’s participant-centered approach moves the learner away from a “before, during, and after” view, where the learning event is the focus. Instead, we approach learning as a continuous cycle of 3 phases; engage, participate, and activate within the social and cultural context of the learner—we use tools and techniques that provide powerful motivation to learn and improve practice. Learning and development is an investment that will ensure short- and long-term staff success.

The Strategies Center offers trending and research-informed content in multiple formats including, face-to-face learning, micro-learning, webinar and distance learning, full- and half-day sessions, and 2-3 hour workshops. All topics can be paired with technical assistance to apply and implement new skills and information.

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